Pipercross Air Filters – Any Good.

In this article, I wanted to take time to write about Pipercross Performance Air Filters specifically.

About Pipercross

Pipercross Air Filters are one of the leading manufacturers of performance panel filters and induction kits for cars. Each filter is hand made in a step by step process. Their filters are made of layers of different specifications of foam.

This allows these filters to catch dirt particles at different levels but still maintaining a good air flow to the engine.

Pipercross offers lifetime purchasers warranty for all their panel filters. They have been in business for over three decades and still going strong.





Pipercross Panel Air Filter

The simplest modification you can do to a car is to replace the panel filter. Pipercross replacement panel filters are a great first step in helping your car breathe more freely.

This Is How It Works;

Pipercross air filters are made of foam. The foam is layered in a format that catches different particles at different levels. This layering and the thickness of the foam is what allows pipercross air filters to catch dirt but not block up like OEM or cotton filters would.

The oil in the filter further assists in catching and spreading dirt throughout, stopping build up in one area. This means that from service to service the filter maintains full breathing potential and is not slowed down by a build up of dirt.

With this increased flow for a longer period, coupled with the simplicity of swapping out this part.

Pipercross recommend it as a great DIY modification that can be done in a matter of minutes. As a bonus these filters are lifetime filters that simply require cleaning every 20 000 miles or at every annual service. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

Pipercross Cone Air Filter

The ever popular cone air filter. Everyone has heard of it and everyone has seen one. But why should you use one?

Cone air filters are mainly used at the end of custom and aftermarket intake systems. These filters can also be used by bolting them directly to the turbo or as a replacement of the factory air box in a lot of cars.

They are available with both rubber and alloy necks. You will be able to find something to cater for your needs.

The benefits you can get from running a pipercross cone air filter are an increase in surface area over the panel filters. This allows more air to flow through to the engine. Cone filters also increase induction and turbo noises compared to the standard air box which is built to silence a lot of the noises.

Pipercross cone air filters also offer better breathing for longer. The foam matrix catches dirt but does not get blocked up in the same way a OEM paper filter would. This allows a greater air flow to continue for the lifetime of the filter. These cone filters are available in many shapes and sizes.

How To Clean A Pipercross Air Filter

Cleaning your air filter is important to maintain the best airflow and performance. It is also important to use the correct products during the cleaning process.

If you use cleaning products that are not suitable, this could damage the foam and affect your warranty. Cleaning is recommended every yearly service or every 20 000 miles whichever comes first.


  • Remove your panel filter from your air filter box in the engine bay.
  • Brush off any loose dirt from the top of the filter. Removing these larger dirt particles first will allow the cleaner to do a better job of cleaning the finer dirt particles in the foam.
  • Spray your pipercross cleaner spray. Give it a good coverage all over to make sure it spreads throughout the filter. Massage in the air filter cleaner using a soft brush and leave to stand for 5 minutes.
  • Using warm water traveling from the clean side through to the dirty side, thoroughly rise out the entire filter. Doing it this way around prevents dirt particles from spreading deeper into the foam. Once, rinsing is complete allow the filter to completely dry. Do not apply any heat to speed up the process as this could damage the foam.
  • You then apply the dirt retention additive. This is what allows the filter to maintain its breathing between cleans as it allows the filter to properly catch and distribute dirt throughout stopping any block ups.
  • Apply a layer of this oil all over the top of the filter making sure to try to get even coverage. Allow the filter to sit for 15 minutes to allow the dirt retention additive to work its way into the foam.

Once this is complete you are now ready to install the filter back into your car and ready to start driving again.

Panel Filter Vs Cone Filter

The reason you might want to go for a pipercross replacement panel filter over a cone filter is that you can simply drop the panel filter into a stock air box.

You can still receive great breathing for a longer time over the OEM filters without having to worry about creating a heat shield.

Often when modifying your engine intake system to gain more power and performance. The stock air box is removed and in this situation I would recommend a pipercross cone filter as the best choice.

Pipercross make good quality air filters and have done so for many years. I personally rate their filters and induction kits very highly and I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a performance filter. Some people might say hold on a minute. You must have forgotten about the world-famous K&N Filters.

K&N are also very good at what they do. I am not saying Pipercross are the best. I am simply saying pipercross performance air filters are up there amongst the best. This is an opinion of course, I am sure some people will have their own favorites based on experience etc.

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