Cons Of Cold Air Intakes-Consider

A factory air box is often a compromise between packaging, noise suppression and performance. The idea of a cold air intake is that you can relocate your air filter away from the engine bay heat. It is a commonly held belief that this will make the car develop more power. Cooler air is denser, so … Read more

Car Cold Air Intake Kit

The car cold air intake kit is responsible for supplying air to the engine. Air plays a very important role in the combustion process of a car’s engine. The amount of oxygen contained in the air entering the engine is the most critical factor. Air with a high oxygen content allows more fuel to be … Read more

Pipercross Air Filters – Any Good.

In this article, I wanted to take time to write about Pipercross Performance Air Filters specifically. About Pipercross Pipercross Air Filters are one of the leading manufacturers of performance panel filters and induction kits for cars. Each filter is hand made in a step by step process. Their filters are made of layers of different … Read more